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Dee Snider Rocks Long Island Homecoming

On Friday, June 11, Dee Snider came back to Long Island and rocked Stereo Garden in Patchogue. The show was filmed and will be released simultaneously with his new album Leave a Scar. Check out the video for the first single “I Gotta Rock (Again)” below.

Snider joined Twisted Sister in 1976 and became the band’s sole songwriter. In 1982 they released their first studio album Under the Blade. By 1984 they had released their third and most successful album Stay Hungry. The album featured the metal anthems “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock”. In 1985 Snider was pushed further into the spotlight when he spoke before Congress against censorship in music and the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center).

I wasn’t sure what to expect since it has been a few years since Snider has performed. The the show was electrifying to say the least. Dee was full of energy and kept the crowd connected and engaged throughout the entire seventeen song set. His band also did a great job. He was accompanied by Charlie Bellmore on guitar, Nicky Bellmore on drums, Nick Petrino on guitar and Russell Pzutto on bass. Five songs from the new album made their debut as well as all of the classics. One of the highlights of the night was when former Twisted Sister bandmate Mark “The Animal” Mendoza joined Dee for a rendition on the 1982 song “Under the Blade.”

The show ended with a cover of what Dee said he considers to be the greatest rock song ever, Ac Dc’s “Highway to Hell.” The show was awesome and Dee proved he can still bring it! It was also good to see live music return after 16 months. This was the perfect show to bring it back.!

Setlist: I Gotta Rock (Again), Tomorrow’s No Concern, You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll, Down But Never Out, American Made, Under the Blade, Time to Choose, I Am the Hurricane, We’re Not Gonna Take It, Before I Go, Become the Storm, Burn in Hell, Stand, Ready to Fall, I Wanna Rock, For the Love of Metal, Highway to Hell

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