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Ice-T Rocks The Bushwick Collective Block Party

Ice-T rocked the stage at The 12th annual Bushwick Collective Block Party held on June 3rd in Brooklyn. The party proved to be an electrifying celebration of art, music, and community. Ice-T, the legendary rapper, actor, and cultural icon, headlined the concert and delivered a memorable performance that left the audience in awe.

Ice-T, who has been a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene for over three decades, has consistently pushed boundaries with his thought-provoking lyrics. As he stepped onto the stage, the cheers and applause erupted, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Ice-T wasted no time in taking the audience on a musical journey through his extensive catalog. He seamlessly transitioned from classic hits like “Colors” and “6 in the Mornin'” to newer tracks that showcased his continued relevance in the ever-evolving rap landscape. He also brought a few special guests out including Kool Keith and Treach from Naughty by Nature.

The 12th annual Bushwick Collective Block Party was not only about Ice-T, though. Dres from Black Sheep had a set as well, as did Tony Touch and Statik Selektah who also both brought guests. Coney Island native Nems made a quick appearance during Tony Touch’s set. Statik brought out some younger acts like Kota the Friend and Recoechi as well as Termanology. Shade 45 talent D-Stroy hosted the event and DJ Evil Dee helped keep the crowd amped with a mix of classic hip hop hits. The collective talent on display was a testament to the hip-hop spirited community that continues to thrive in Brooklyn.

The event’s organizer, Joe Ficalora, created this open air gallery know as The Bushwick Collective over ten years ago. There are many murals of fallen hip-hop artists that pay tribute all around the area. Some include Guru, Nipsey Hussle, Biggie and Dave from De La Soul. The collective has transformed Bushwick into a hub of artistic expression. The annual block party serves as a culmination of their efforts, bringing together artists, musicians, and residents to celebrate the neighborhood’s vibrant spirit.

This is an important year for hip-hop. It marks the 50th Anniversary, a significant milestone that pays tribute to the genre’s enduring influence and cultural significance. From its birth in the streets of the Bronx to its domination of the global music scene, hip-hop has continuously challenged norms, and given voice to marginalized communities.

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