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GZA, Big Daddy Kane And Roy Ayers At Sony Hall

Updated: Mar 18

On Thursday, April 13, Sony Hall hosted a concert featuring three legendary names in hip-hop and jazz music: GZA, Big Daddy Kane, and Roy Ayers. Each artist brought their unique style and energy to the stage, creating a night to remember for fans of all ages.

The evening began with Roy Ayers, who delighted the crowd with some of his biggest hits, including “Searching,” “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” “Running Away,” “Firehouse,” and “Apache.” Ayers, a prolific jazz-funk musician who has been active since the 1960s, is known for his use of the vibraphone and his signature blend of jazz, funk, and soul.

Next up was GZA, one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan and a hip-hop legend in his own right. He took the stage to thunderous applause and launched into an electrifying set that included fan favorites like “Duel of the Iron Mic,””Living in the World Today,” “Cold World,” “Labels,” “4th Chamber,” “Shadowboxin,” and “Clan in the Front.” GZA’s powerful flow and sharp lyrics combined with the crowd’s energy to create an electric atmosphere that left everyone wanting more.

After GZA’s set, Big Daddy Kane took the stage to the delight of the audience. The rapper, who first rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s, performed classic hits like “Smooth Operator,” “Ain’t No Half Steppin’,” and “Warm It Up.” His performance was a testament to his status as a true hip-hop icon, and the crowd responded with thunderous applause and cheers.

GZA then returned to the stage to finish the show, performing some of the biggest hits of his career, including “Reunited,” “C.R.E.A.M.,” “Triumph,” “Liquid Swords,” and “WU Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin to Fuck With.” The crowd was on its feet rapping along to every word, as GZA and his live band brought the night to a close with an unforgettable performance.


Roy Ayers Searching, Everybody Loves the Sunshine, Running Away, Firehouse, Apache

GZA Duel of the Iron Mic, Gold, Living in the World Today, Cold World, Labels, 4th Chamber, Shadowboxin’, Clan in Da Front, Killah Hills, Crash Your Crew

Big Daddy Kane Smooth Operator, Aint No Half Steppin, Warm it Up,

GZA Legend of the Liquid Sword, Reunited, Shimmy Shimmy Ya, C.R.E.A.M. Triumph, Liquid Swords, Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthin To F With

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