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Gov't Mule Covers Beatles at New Year's Beacon Shows

Gov't Mule played two shows at The Beacon Theatre in New York City as part of their New Year's Eve 2019 run and did a lot of expected Beatles covers in the process. The band teased the possibility of some Beatles songs on their social media with pictures of mules walking across Abbey Road as well as playing on the rooftop of Apple headquarters.

Night one included covers of "She Said She Said", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "And Your Bird Can Sing" and "Revolution". Night two's crowd was treated to an entire eleven song post midnight Beatles set with songs including "Get Back", "Come Together", "Oh Darling" and "Something". You can see the entire set lists below.

Warren Haynes will also be part of the Allman Brothers 50th Anniversary show at Madison Square Garden on March 10th

Gov't Mule

12.30.2019 Beacon Theater, New York, NY

Set 1:

Railroad Boy

Larger Than Life

Fool's Moon

Painted Silver Light

Effigy >

Folsom Prison Blues Jam


Which Way Do We Run

She Said, She Said

Tomorrow Never Knows

And Your Bird Can Sing with The Better Half Singers

Revolution (Concert Debut) with Connor Kennedy

Revolution Come, Revolution Go

Set 2:

Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

So Weak, So Strong

Doing It To Death

Fallen Down

The Other One Jam with Aaron Heick

Play With Fire with Aaron Heick & The Better Half Singers

Birth Of The Mule with Oz Noy Mule


Live With Me (Concert Debut) with Carmine Appice & Jimmy Vivino

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